One of the most important facts about businesses that people tend to forget is that they are for the people, by the people and of the people. That doesn’t mean they are always democratic in character but they are definitely full of people to make a difference in the entire company character and its business culture. It is the people within the organization that make up the culture, and the leader who shapes and reshapes it to present an outer profile to the world at large.

Whether it is internal communication or external dealings with a client, it is the business culture that determines how a message is passed, how an action is undertaken and how the different teams will perform and work cohesively towards a common goal. As a leader you can initiate changes that will determine the right work culture. One thing is certain that nothing is static and if you want to redirect your company to newer and better paths then you can work to change the pervasive culture of the day. To change or attain it all you need are a few simple tips and you have already initiated a thriving work atmosphere for your team.

Attaining business culture – Tip #1 – Dreams and goals – The first step towards creating the right business culture is to share your dreams and aspirations as a leader. It is this vision that will be the common company goal and direct all actions and ideas towards achieving it.

Attaining business culture – Tip #2 –Winning strategy – Once you have shared your dreams and goals, focus your attention towards the effective means of achieving these. A set of patterns would eventually emerge to explain the direction the company take every time which would then be followed by all as the winning strategy.

Attaining business culture – Tip #3 –Trainings and standards – But the goals cannot be reached in isolation or through one individual. The entire team and resources are to be brought together and trained to match and achieve the exacting standards that have been set so that the company culture reflects success and achievement.

Attaining business culture – Tip #4 –Create leaders – A business is not just about followers who will blindly take orders and carry on with the daily grind. It is about uncovering the potential of each resource and honing their talents to realize their full potential. Unless you do this your team and your company can never move forward.

Attaining business culture – Tip #5 –Laud innovations – A company which is known as the leader of innovations and path breaking ideas is one with the best business culture and growth history. This is not a team which blindly follows but which makes the effort to initiate change at every level. A company which introduces change is the one which is eventually lead the race.

As a leader you have the power to change and recreate the business culture which defines you and your company. A positive and potent atmosphere is the key to attracting and retaining good resources. It is also the silent brand building exercise which will influence future customer decisions for your brand and business.

Gary Takacs is the founder of The CEO University is a US-based, CEO and Executive Peer Group Organization that creates opportunities for accelerated business growth and personal development through CEO Peer Group Meetings that are CEO-led, one-to-one mentoring focused on unique business and personal challenges, and purposeful learning events.