Business Executive Coaching

Business Coaching is a process in which a business owner engages an experienced business professional (coach) to work with them to develop leadership skills and to grow their sales and profitability. A business coach will be with the business owner on a regularly scheduled time to review the business owners progress and to set the next goal.

Business owners tend to have no one that they can talk to about their thoughts, fears, and actions. The employees view the business owner as the person with all the right answers or stands as a symbol of authority. If the business owner asks an employee for their opinion, the employee most likely will tell the business owner what he/she wants to hear. A business coach will question the business owner’s answers, and thus, the coach will provide unbiased feedback.

What Should You Be Looking for in a Business Coach?

It is not uncommon for an unemployed person to start a business coaching commerce. Just because an individual takes a business coaching class to get documentation of certification, or buys a franchise, does not make that person an experienced business coach.

A knowledgeable and skilled business coach is a professional that has been in the occupational owner’s chair and, thus, has tangibly felt the pressures, joys, and fears of a business proprietor.   An experienced business coach should be a person who has run and/or owned one or more successful companies. This is depth of knowledge.

A business coach with depth of knowledge has a strong understanding of sales, finance, and operations. A business coach without depth may guide others down an uncertain path. At CEO University, our business coaches have all the understanding and depth of knowledge.



The Benefits of a CEO University Business Coach

There are multiple benefits of finding the perfect business coach for your franchise, and when the match is ideal, true “magic” will come from it:

Management – you will increase your ability to manage your business, vendors, and employees in an effective process that will lead to a better delegation, time management, and negotiations.

Accountability – you will learn the proper leadership skills to build responsibility within your business, so that you, and all employees, accomplish more tasks in less time. This will also develop a culture of recognition and celebration within your company.

Growth – you will be working with your CEO University business coach to maintain a business strategy and tactical plan each year to guide you on a path of prosperity.

Isolation – your CEO University business coach is there with you to make sure you are not running your business in isolation. You are the leader of your company and, as such, everyone around you has a vested interested in what they share with you. A business is not a single man job, and, therefore, being involved with the interworking of your company is a key to success.

Collaboration – You will have an unbiased professional by your side to brainstorm with and to enquire your answers. You will never be alone again.

Managing a business is a team-sized task that, quite often, is put on the shoulders of one individual. Despite that person’s immaculate capability and drive, determination can only go so far without a little help. A Business coach is the ideal amount of assistance that, overall, will cause they key to your company’s success and happiness.