Membership Criteria

"Becoming a member of CEO University is the right decision."

―Dinia Takacs

"CEO University means results"

"CEO University is right for everyone"

―Debbie Dickson

CEOU currently has availability for membership in each of its four active groups based on the below criteria.

CEO Peer Group

  • CEOs, Presidents or Business Owners
  • Responsible for ten or more employees
  • Directly responsible for setting the vision and culture of your organization

FastTrack Group

  • Direct report to a CEO or owner of a small business
  • Interested in improving skills and knowledge in current role
  • Objective of progressing to a C-suite executive position

Solopreneurs Group

  • Individuals working at a professional services firm and sole business owners
  • Members are from a wide range of fields, including law, accounting, banking & finance, insurance, marketing, consulting and other businesses
  • Sole practitioners, small business owners using sub-contractors
  • Objective of accelerating your business

CEO Fuze Group

  • CEOs, Presidents, or Business Owners
  • Owner of a small business with sales of at least $500,000
  • Interested in improving processes and profitability
  • Must be the final decision maker for the business