Executive Peer Advisory Groups

FastTrack Your Career

CEOU FastTrack Groups are designed to empower business owners of smaller organizations and VP-level executives to take their career to a higher level. Combining the unique and often differing expertise of these two groups achieves two key results:

  • Up-and-coming entrepreneurs receive an organizational perspective from corporations.
  • Senior managers within large organizations learn valuable entrepreneurial skills to accelerate their career growth.

FastTrack Group members will provide individuals who directly report to the C-suite with access to CEOU’s proven training resources, diverse management perspectives from peers and presentations from successful entrepreneurs and executive leaders

This Executive Leadership Development program includes:

  • Monthly Group meetings facilitated by a Group Chair, including:
    • Expert guest speakers
    • Real-world challenges and case studies
    • Interactive discussions
    • Peer accountability to specified goals and benchmarks
  • Access to a peer group of senior level managers and entrepreneurs from a breadth of industries and backgrounds, providing a well-rounded perspective of the business climate.
  • Proprietary assessment tools and analytic software to establish benchmarks and measure career growth and personal improvement.
  • Networking and learning events with other groups within the CEO University Network, providing members with the opportunity to connect with individuals outside of your groups and expand your network.
  • Access to special interest networking groups centered upon activities such as golf, tennis, food, wine, etc.
  • Optional: Monthly confidential one-to-one sessions with an experienced executive leader.