We hear the term business coach almost every day. The rising popularity and demand of business coaches have influenced many corporates to turn to professional help and achieve the level of success that they have desired. Before we proceed any further on why they are in demand, let’s first understand what a business coach is.

A business coach is a professional and a veteran in business matters. He has both the qualifications and the experience to guide, train and aid business owners make the right decisions. This is not a one day affair but a complete guidance program that spans across weeks and months. During this phase the coach oversees all actions, guides in decision making and aids in making the right choices to create a successful enterprise.

One can hire a business coach while starting the business, for an ongoing project that needs help for growth as well as for older business that have faced ups and downs and need extra ammunition to get out of the recession rut.

A business coach can help in –

  • Developing the right skills – Focus on inherent skill and talent
  • Clarifying business goals – Aiding in goal setting and defining vision
  • Focusing on key objectives – Guiding the team towards the right objectives
  • Honing talent – Uncovering hidden talent and paving the way for fruition
  • Retaining resources – Help to create a positive work atmosphere and aid organizations in retaining talent

A business coach is a mix between a teacher and a guide. They will impart knowledge and share their expertise. But more than that they will be objective and blunt about your flaws and failures. They will hold up the mirror and show you the truth even if you are shying away from it. But once you face it you can rectify your mistakes and find it easier to move on. And your coach will be right there by your side, pushing you harder and help in realizing your maximum potential.

This potential is achieved through absolute support and guidance which steers an individual towards creating a successful business. A business coach pushes the individual to achieve optimum performance, to anticipate competitive behavior and take timely action to overcome rival actions. Complete support and guidance characterize true coaching instincts. There is not just encouragement and motivation but also full-fledged accountability for their actions. They are here as professionals to help you succeed and till you do their job will remain incomplete.

Starting or running a business is not an easy job. You need more than passion and zeal to make it work. Fortunately, a business coach is the right support to guide you through the various mazes that constitute the business world. They come with business experience in sales and marketing, in management and operations, in finance as well HR to help companies focus in each of these aspects well. And apart from the various business heads or departments, they also specialize in team building, in anticipating and handling various organizational crises, in developing interpersonal relationships and in creating an atmosphere of positive camaraderie that enables talent and creativity to flourish. And when this happens then the company is definitely on the right path of progress.

Gary Takacs is the founder of The CEO University is a US-based, CEO and Executive Peer Group Organization that creates opportunities for accelerated business growth and personal development  through CEO Peer Group Meetings that are CEO-led, one-to-one mentoring focused on unique business and personal challenges, and purposeful  learning events.