A mind which is not challenged enough quickly gives into decay. And a resource which is not honed with further knowledge can never perform to its utmost potential. The rising demand for professional coaching and mentoring services show how corporates are waking up to the importance of increasing their resource potential. As a leader you hire people who show promise and potential. But the path to growth cannot be traveled in isolation. It needs partnership – 50% of the effort comes from the leader who instills the right skills and knowledge; and 50% comes from the employees who take this opportunity to further hone their talent and potential.

Before we go into why we need coaching and mentoring services let’s take a look at the subtle differences that underline the two concepts. In a corporate environment the diversity of resources is an important consideration, almost as much the integrated talent pool is.  Managing this diversity and bring out the best of the group would ensure that the common goal – of profit and growth, is achieved best. Coaching focuses on helping each individual develop their skills and performing to the best of their abilities to reach this united goal. Working in tandem with others to help achieve the targets set and the profits aspired at.

Mentoring on the other hand focuses more on the individual. Here specific skills and attitudes are taken into consideration, a path and timeline chalked out so that the individual works on honing his/her skills, upgrade their knowledgebase while working for the overall good of the brand. A true leader not only understands this difference between coaching and mentoring but also sets about specific tasks and training sessions to bring about the change required.


Change is inevitable and a company which can change not just with the times but ahead of it will be the one to lead. Today businesses can no longer survive in local or even domestic isolation. Technology and communication has broken the geographical barriers and to move ahead every team has to broaden their horizons and reach out to emerging economies for growth. The need for coaching and mentoring has been steadily rising through the past decades and in the current economic climate it is even more imperative their leaders steer their teams towards global business needs.

Key benefits of coaching and mentoring services:

  • Helps in team building
  • Aids in team morale boosting
  • Develops confidence of team members
  • Improves performance
  • Motivates every individual team member
  • Helps people deal with challenges and goals better
  • Develops leadership skills
  • Improves cross generational relationships in a workplace
  • Helps to manage workplace diversity
  • Strengthens national and international team bonding
  • Improves communication skills
  • Leads to higher engagement of resources
  • Aids in better decision making at every step

As you can see, coaching and mentoring are essential to developing talent and aiding in uncovering better resource potential without which growth is stagnant. As a leader it is your responsibility to ensure that your team is coached and steered into the right path through focused and proper mentoring routines. It is only then that a 360 degree growth can be achieved.