Leadership is an intrinsic part of human society. Man is destined to live as a social animal, in groups and it is natural for groups to form leaders. There are two basic elements used in the creation of the leader – the inherent leadership qualities of a person and the social and situational environment which makes him a leader. But becoming a leader is not the end of it all. The journey simply begins from here. To be a great leader one has to constantly strive to improve and focus on actions which will ensure that the team proceeds in the right path, always. With the help of leadership assessment tools one can measure and gauge how effective one’s actions have been, the mistakes one has made and the ways to rectify or improve.

How do leadership assessment tools work?

Leadership assessment tools work in multifarious ways. It is focused at the all-round assessment and development of a person – especially a leader. All kinds of team building, motivational and personally development programs are important in the corporate world. But the leadership program needs special care and focus because guiding the leader in the right direction would mean aiding the whole team towards success.

Leadership assessment tools take this into consideration and focus at mental and physical ability, emotional and intellectual assessment, cognitive and communication functions. It assesses a person’s ability to troubleshoot, to build and motivate teams, to handle interpersonal conflicts and relationships, put the best talents to use and create a vision which all can follow. A look at the key features to be assessed –

Awareness – One of the most important elements of the leadership assessment tools is gauging a leader’s true awareness of his environment. This would include his internal awareness and the mechanics of the team; external awareness – market flux and competition status. This is the basis of a robust team and outstanding customer service.

Character building traits – These are traits that we are born with. Great leaders hone them into sharper tools and use them to progress as well as guide others. These include resilience as well as flexibility, integrity as well as accountability, decisiveness as well strength of mind.

Communication – Leadership assessment tools focus heavily in communication skills. How a leader communicates with his team, with his peers, with clients, with other though leaders and the masses define how he manages his team, and pave the way for success and failure. On his communication skills lie his power to influence, to negotiate, to leverage diversity, solve problems, to manage conflicts and motivate the team to perform.

Knowledge – Knowledge is the greatest weapon of power. And a leader who constantly upgrades his skills and continues to learn is the one who is always stay ahead. And it is this all round knowledge that will enable a leader to understand and manage human capital, financial, technical as well as political changes with equal ease. It is knowledge that makes a leader into a great entrepreneur.

Vision – Though vision is considered an abstract concept it is still an important part of a leader. Leadership assessment tools focus on a leader’s innovative thoughts; his creativity, this power of strategic thinking, and his ability of lead the team to a single focus or goal all combine to define his vision. It is the mark of a great vision which unites the whole team to work as partners and move steadily towards a single goal.

Gary C. Takacs is the founder of The CEO University, an executive training organization for Chief Executives through CEO Peer Groups and Executive Peer Groups.  Gary is also a speaker for business organizations on business growth, business profitability and business culture.