When you think of the word “serve” and “attendant”, what comes to mind? Do you think of a waiter, servant or some other form of pleasing others? Do you think of leaders? If not, you should. The truth is responsible leaders are servants. “Servants to whom?” you may ask. Servants to your team, that’s who and to take it a step further; your organization and your responsibility to create and lead a culture.

The real question is not to whom, but how. How can you lead responsibly and still serve your team (as if leading is not hard enough)? In order for you to be a responsible leader, you have to recognize that there are 2 key tasks you must fulfill.

The vision and the execution.

It is your responsibility to communicate what the organization stands for and wants to accomplish. Just as kids look to their parents and players look to their executive coaches, people are looking to you (their leader) for guidance and vision. In this role of a visionary, you are behaving like a responsible leader.

Now that they know where they are going, people will now look to you (the leader) to fulfill the second task of responsible leadership. The Execution!  How will you get the team to the finish line?  A leader will show you how and create a great company culture in the process.  You will become a bridge builder.  As a responsible leader you will try to find out what makes people perform well and bridge the gap between their performance and your vision.  That’s when you begin to make positive impacts on the lives of those around you. You now have a culture of trust,  when you make an impact on your team, you are making an impact on the entire organization as well.

So you see; it’s not that difficult.  As responsible leaders you understand that the only way to truly have an impact on any organization is to serve the people in that organization. You know that it is your responsibility to leave the organization better off than before you arrived on the scene. You are there to service your team and to build bridges.

The type of bridge you will build is totally up to you.  If you build a bridge of trust and culture within your organization you will have a company that can achieve amazing results.