Small Business Peer Advisory Boards

Power Up Your Business

CEOU Solopreneurs Peer Advisory Boards brings together an array of individuals from professional services companies, including law, accounting, banking & finance, insurance, marketing, consulting, e-commerce & others to use The CEO Toolbox – Essential for Success® to accelerate your business growth.

Members include sole practitioners and small business owners using sub-contractors seeking to expand their business and take their career to the next level.

Solopreneur Peer Advisory Board members will be added to an elite list of certified CEOU professional advisors, placing their services on an exclusive resource list distributed to the upper echelons of business leaders in the community. Find out why CEOU is Where CEOs Go To Grow®.

The Solopreneurs program includes:

  • Monthly Group meetings facilitated by a Group Chair, including:
    • Proven tools to expand and accelerate our business
    • Real-world challenges and case studies
    • Interactive discussions of your current challenges and opportunities
    • Peer accountability to specified goals and benchmarks

Entrepreneurs have unique challenges, freedoms, demands, and ways of approaching the world.   At CEO University we understand this, because our team group chairs and speakers have all been in the trenches with you running companies.    Entrepreneurs often have a hard time relating to family and friends when it comes to a myriad of different issues.   At CEO University our goal is to place you in a group of your peers from a wide variety of industries so we can all help each other work through business issues and insure the success of our member companies.

In order to join our Solopreneur group, you must be willing to look at the brutal truth concerning your business, be willing to work on you business and be able to change, and grow.   This method is extremely effective in helping companies grow and become highly profitable.

Our Solopreneur program focuses on the following core areas:

  • Plan for your future = CLARITY
    • Create a business plan and work to the plan
    • Set clear obtainable long and short term goals
    • Create clear strategies to reach goals
    • Get a good road map to follow – straight is better than meandering
    •  Work on business not in business


  • Identify what you want = FOCUS
    •  Identify what is really important
    • Think about how you think – is there a better way to look at things
    • Truly examine why you are doing what you are doing.
    •  Don’t try 18 things at once – Avoid shiny objects – learn to filter the opportunities.   Focus on a couple and avoid the many.
    • focus on a few and really nail them.
    •  Build a corporate culture we understand and works for your management style and belief system.


  • You can’t do it all yourself = EMPOWER OTHERS
    • Take a good assessment of your talents.
    • Identify the things you like, and do more of them
    • Find people to do the tasks you don’t like to do
    • Just because you are the boss, it doesn’t mean you have to learn how to do everything in the company, let others have a chance.
    • Utilize strategic partners instead of  employees
    •  Stop managing the whole process
    •  Putting the right person in the right job
    • You don’t always need to be exhausted!
  • Time Management = FREEDOM
    • Work Life Balance
    • Do what you chose versus what you are forced to do
    • Creating a schedule that adds in downtime and time and time to work on your business instead of in it.
    • Structuring you company so you don’t feel guilty if not working
    • Learn to separate you business life from your personal life.


  • Mixing with like minded successful people trying to Grow = POSITIVE GROWTH
    •  The group allows you to interact with other talented people
    • You must be open minded and willing to grow in order to join the group
    • You get to mix with others you normally wouldn’t touch in the course of your normal professional life.
    • Raise your level of thinking
    • You have a group to hold you accountable


  • Our Diverse Groups = NEW PERSPECTIVES
    •  Diverse groups bring the perspectives of many different industries to help focus on your issues.
    • You are able to learn about the best practices of different industry and incorporate them into what you do.
    • See your business in a new way.
    • Get ideas from other group members.
  •  Choosing your customers = MORE PROFIT
    • Targeting profitable customers
    • Eliminating unprofitable or annoying customers.
    • Look at the time true time and cost spent on each customer
    • Capitalize on more/better opportunities