The term business growth, though widely used in varied settings every day, is a strange one. After all what is business which does not grow, right? But achieving true business growth is hardly a walk in the park and the lack of proper tools or their correct application has led to the demise of many a business the world over. So what are these tools that are so intrinsic to the development and survival of a business? Let’s take a look.

You will be surprised to learn that the key to running a successful business does not lie in any external element which needs to be bought and applied but instead in internal characteristics of a leader. These are values and attitudes that trickle in from the top and seep down to the last layers of the team to form a cohesive attitude which in turn leads to business growth. It is important to recognize and inculcate these in order to make the most of the talent and resources at our disposal.

Tools to facilitate faster business growth – #1 – Leadership – It is a great leader who writes the future of a business. The vision, the temperament, the determination and discipline that marks the character of the CEO or leader is reflected in his company culture, employee camaraderie and team attitude.

Tools to facilitate faster business growth – #2 – Team work – A team that works together, wins together. The progress and growth of a company or business is best achieved with a unified team effort where the talent and resources are utilized to the core.

Tools to facilitate faster business growth – #3 – Goal setting –  A key component for growth is goals without which one would have no direction or focus. Goals may be primarily set by the leader but are shared as a vision by the whole team who strives towards it.

Tools to facilitate faster business growth – #4 – Market share – Unless you are playing to win, don’t expect to grow. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to stay ahead all the time. But with quiet determination, honesty, quality delivery and dedication one can easily stay ahead of the competition and capture substantial market share.

Tools to facilitate faster business growth – #5 – Strategic planning – There is no growth without planning and strategy in business. Every step you take should be well thought out, assessed and evaluated before being implemented so that there is little room for error and more scope for development and growth.

While these are tools that can be worked upon internally, one can find them easier to master with the help of a mentor. Today, you will find numerous professionals who work in a team or as individual consultants for personal as well as professional development. They are alternatively termed as mentors, business or executive coaches and work with professionals at all levels – from CEOS to senior executives and young leaders, to help them achieve their goals. They act as objective critiques and guides who will steer the focus towards the target, help you make the best of your talents, hone your skills further and aid in achieving the optimum business growth possible.