Since time immemorial man has been learning new skills to adapt to their changing environment. First it was surviving against the harsh demands of nature, later with growing social and community needs. Modern times saw industrial and technological growth which evolved constantly and kept us on our toes. While knowledge and education is the basis of mind development, it is constant upgrading of skills that helps us survive and keep ahead of the crowd. And for leader it is even more imperative to inculcate and incorporate entrepreneurial skills which will not just help them grow and but also enable them to create and lead teams for ultimate success.

A look at the key entrepreneurial skills one needs to become a true leader.

Top entrepreneurial skills – #1 – Passion – The first and foremost skill is to give in to your passion. If you enjoy what you do then success cannot be far behind. Learn to hone your personal talent so that you can charter your own growth path. Corporate history shows that it was passionate leaders who created the remarkable success stories.

Top entrepreneurial skills – #1 – Team building – Once you have chartered a growth path you need to develop a team to help you achieve your goal. Discerning the true potential behind every resource and developing their skill sets is the next logical step to grow. With a good team behind you delegating responsibilities is easy, leaving more room for innovation and experiments.

Top entrepreneurial skills – #2 – Communication – One cannot be a leader without learning the art of communication. While some of us have innate skills to express our thoughts and ideas, communication goes beyond this. It is the basis of weaving the team together, to generate ideas beyond the team, to reach out to potential customers, carry out mass scale networking and interact with peer groups.

Top entrepreneurial skills – #3 – Time management – Setting up schedules and adhering to time-managed goals is an important skill for all individuals. In a leader it is even more imperative for it sets precedent for rest of the team as well. Small time goals work as stepping stones to achieve the higher vision of the company at large.

Top entrepreneurial skills – #4 – Marketing and sales – An entrepreneur is first and foremost a salesman. If you believe in your product and service you can sell. Without sales there is no profit =, no growth. Only when you are a good at selling will your sales team work. Eventually, your ideas will be the root of the marketing campaign that will steer your brand forward.

Top entrepreneurial skills – #5 – Management – Management skills are intrinsic for an entrepreneur. From negotiations to decision making, from team building to selling every single aspect of a company’s activities require careful handling and managing. The balance of risk and caution is the true manager’s attribute which can blend innovation with routine to bring about expansion.

Top entrepreneurial skills – #7 – Leadership – Ultimately the entrepreneur needs to lead. You have a vision and a goal. It is up to you to lead your people towards it. Leadership is an innate skill but it needs honing and upgrading to evolve with changing economies, diverse and expanding workgroups and emerging technologies to lead the team to success.