Trusted Advisors Network

Power Up Your Business

CEOU Trusted Advisors Network brings together an array of individuals from professional services companies, including law, accounting, banking & finance, insurance, marketing and consulting to use The CEO Toolbox – Essential for Success® to accelerate your business growth.

Members include sole practitioners, small business owners or employees of large organizations seeking to expand their business and take their career to the next level.

Trusted Advisors Network Group members will be added to an elite list of certified CEOU professional advisors, placing their services on an exclusive resource list distributed to the upper echelons of business leaders in the community.

The Trusted Advisor program includes:

  • Monthly Group meetings facilitated by a Group Chair, including:
    • Proven tools to expand and grow our business
    • Real-world challenges and case studies
    • Interactive discussions of your current challenges and opportunities
    • Peer accountability to specified goals and benchmarks
  • Networking and learning events with other groups within the CEO University Network, providing members with the opportunity to connect with individuals outside of your group and expand your network.
  • Peer accountability with a group of highly respected professionals whose standards of performance and quality of services is regularly monitored and evaluated by fellow members.  Inclusion within a list of CEOU certified vendors, which is distributed to the organization’s global network of elite business leaders.
  • Techniques and tools to develop and launch a professional speaking service
  • Optional: Monthly confidential one-to-one sessions with an experienced executive leader.