Can a company achieve perpetual success?  Of course with a little tool called accountability.  Everyone knows what accountability is, although not every company wants to expend the energy to apply this tool.  Accountability is really a company culture building component.  Employees get a sense of accomplishment and pride when they are recognized for a job well done.

To have a successful company with proud employees takes a lot of energy to start and keep running.  Although it takes more work to not embrace an accountability system.

This is a starter program to get your company’s perpetual success started.

  • Start with a Strategy for your company.  Detail which department (person) owns each piece of the strategy.  Set the end date of each strategy.
  • Set the rules for the company culture:
    • No excuses, no failures
    • If you are challenged to accomplish your task, ask for help before the due date.
    • Have  a department head meeting to review goals and task.  Review completed task and get commitments for task to be accomplished by the next meeting date.  These are short meetings perhaps 30 minutes.  Participants repeat their commitments and their commitments are captured.  Repeat the two rules at the end of every meeting.
    • Department heads should then meet with their team to have the same meeting format.
    • These meeting are conducted throughout the company down to the level that there are no more direct reports left below this team.
    • To get started these meetings can be daily.  When the company gets in the rhythm of this process you can back off to weekly.

With this process there is no place to hide within the company.  Everyone is engaged or they should be disengaged from the employment of the company.

For more detailed plan call or email The CEO University.  If you adopt this plan let us know we would love to interview you.